The Children's Home was started in 1945 by Dr. & Mrs. John C. Taylor (Sr.), who were medical missionaries in India under Reformed Presbyterian Mission Board (now MTW). They were requested by disabled parents and those affected by leprosy to provide education and training for their children in a safe environment where they would be free from social discrimination and escape the cycle of poverty. The Children's Home seeks to provide a well-rounded education so the graduates will become independent, productive, morally upright members of families and society at large.

The Children's Home is a registered Society operated by a national board of directors. Our School is affiliated to the CBSE board of education. In addition to the school curriculum, extra-curricular activities are organised for wholistic development of the children.

List of aims and objectives:
(i) To provide education and a boarding house for children of leper parents without regard to race, caste or creed.
(ii) To establish education and boarding houses for orphaned and otherwise needy children.
(iii) To establish educational institutions to provide education to enrolled students and children from other segments of the society.
(iv) To make available job-oriented skills, training or higher education, to the extent reasonably possible, to all deserving children and staff.
(v) To impart moral values to the children so that they may become productive citizens of our country.
(vi) To promote, manage or contribute to other institutions having similar objects.
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